What to do?


   In a city the size of Mazatlan, there are always many things going on. Some are yearly, scheduled, events. Some are one time happenings. On those that happen every year, we will try to give you dates so you can plan to be here while it is happening.


(Scheduled yearly activity)

   The one thing Mazatlan is most noted for is "Carnaval'. Mazatlans Carnaval is rated as the third largest in the world. Rio is number one. We do not (As yet) have the great Samba parades, but ours is getting bigger each year. New Orleans is number two. We do not have the big 'Crew's' that have the multiple parades through the French Quarter. What Mazatlan does have is the Carnaval spread along the beach in 'Olas Altas' which is a bay in the older part of town. Along the beach road there will be nearly a dozen stages set up with large bands playing music to dance to from about 6 or 8 p.m. until 3 or 4 a.m.

   In addition to the 5 nights of music, there are two parades. One during the day, one at night. They both traverse the beach road from near the Gold Zone to in or near Old Mazatlan. There is also the "Combate Naval" which is a great fireworks show on Sunday in Olas Altas, and now another half way between Old Mazatlan and the Gold Zone. (Tourist hotel area) Fireworks combined with computer controlled music and light show. Spectacular!

   For 2012 the dates are February 16th - 21st

Motorcycle week

(Semana De Motos)

(Scheduled yearly activity)


   This is also a fun week! And loud. The first year there were around 350 bikes that came from all over Mexico, Now there are up to 6,000 from Mexico, the U.S. Canada, and throughout Latin America. They have local bikes (Some worth as little as a couple hundred dollars!) to very expensive custom Harley's worth $100,000 dollars, and everything in between.


The people come to party and have a good time, but MANY are with the entire family. It is not unusual to see 5 or 6 people on a motorcycle! They have the usual entertainment of concerts, wet T-shirt contests, Tatto exibitions, bikini contests, drag racing at the 'Autodromo' drag strip, but one of the favorites is the parade which will have thousands of bikes, trikes, quad runners, etc. Again, it runs down the Malecon (Beach Road) and enjoyed by thousands of spectators. For 2012 the dates are April 11 to 15th.  More info iso on their website     www.semanadelmotomazatlan.com  


Cultural Festival's

(Scheduled Yearly Event)



     Every year starting in early November, Mazatlan has a series of Cultural Festivals and Events. The range is extensive. From Ballet to Modern Dance. From Opera to Rock. Play's, concerts, photographic and art exhibitions. Street performances, Day of Music with multiple venue's and styles of music all over the Old Town of Mazatlan. From school children to traveling international groups. The varity is endless. For information on some of the scheduled events, go to the Cultura Mazatlan home page.



( Charro Cowboys )

(Occasional Event)

   The Charro's are what many people in the US and Canada picture when they immagine  Mexico. The Charro's are the ones who wear the big, fancy sombrerro's and saddles that you see in parades. A Charreada is where they show of their vast skills as horsemen. Similar to (And a fore runner of) the rodeo, they must demonstrate their skills, and that of their very expensive horses. Roping, jumping from horse to bare back horse at a full gallop, racing their horse at full speed then suddenly stoping on a target, their skills are astounding. These are also som of the fancy dancing horses you see in the Rose Parade and other events. Charreada's are held from time to time at an area in El Quilete. A small village less than a one hour trip from Mazatlan. Check with your hotel or travel agent.


(Self scheduled activity)

There are many side trips available from Mazatlan. Among them are: The Tequila Tour, The City Tour, The Country Tour, The Jungle Tour, The Stone Island Tour, The Bird Island Tour, and more. Your hotel desk cleark can give you more information about availability, times, and prices. You can arrange a tour through the many Tour Agency;s, and you can also hire an English speaking  taxi or 'Pulmonia' driver to show you the sights. You negotiate directly with the driver for 1 hour, 2 hours, or as much time as you like. While we don't recommend one way over another, all are reasonable and fun.


(Occasional Event)


   Ulama is a game that has been played here for 3,500 years! Games are held on a sporadic basis in Los Llanitos which is less than an hour from Mazatlan, as well as El Quilete. Also within an hour of Mazatlan. The ball is about the size of a soccer ball, but has the weight and impact of a bowling ball! The solid rubber ball weighs over 3 kilos. Similar to soccer, but a narrow court and no feet, hands or heads can be used. It's all 'In the hips'. Interestingly, the players who range from 8 years old to 80, and this is not done as a 'Tourist attraction'. These are real players doing real games. More information can be found here:


First Friday Art Walk

(Scheduled Event   First friday of the month)

   The 'First Friday Art Walk' runs from November through May and gives tourists as well as locals a chance to stroll through Old Mazatlan in the early evening an visit the homes and studios of many of Mazatlan's resident artists. (There are many!) This is a self guided tour (But the Mazatlan Tourist Aide Volunteers will be out and about!) and you can stroll at your own pace, and in which ever order you like to see and visit with artists in painting, sculptin, multi media, and other forms of art. Their works are, of course, for sale too! More information can be found on their website:


*****     From time to time, we will continue to add more things to see and do while visiting Mazatlan.     *****

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