Meet the Volunteers

Dennis Barratt

dennis barratt  My wife (Darlene) and I rented a condo in Mazatlan in 2001 for a one month holiday. While here we were talked into going for a free breakfast. $12,000 later we had a timeshare. (We still think we got a good deal.) I had a stroke while here and was attended to by very competent medical professionals. As a result, I do not have any after effects. As a matter of fact, I consider myself as healthy a specimen as any 77 year old I know. I credit that to the Mazatlan climate and sea-level altitude. (I have given up my puffers and nebulizer that I needed to breathe in Canada.) We were seasonal visitors renting furnished apartments for 6 months each year in the Lomas and Sabalo communities for 5 years and then El Centro for one. We fell in love with El Centro and for the past 3 years have rented year round. This city grows on you. It’s not just one facet, its everything. The people, the ambience, the culture, the freedoms. We can learn so much from the Mexican way of life. I personally have no desire to return to Canada any time soon. I live in paradise. As to why I want to wear a blue T shirt. I was involved with the White Hatters for 2 years at the Calgary International Airport and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and meeting new friends. And being a volunteer is great, because, if I do screw up, they can’t deduct it from my pay. And as a bonus, I get paid double time for overtime.

Gail Batchelder

We came to Mazatlan to surprise my son 6 years ago when he and his wife came to Mazatlan for two weeks.  We had just retired and had some money for a Rig to winter in.   What we didn’t have to do here was be in a tourist zone all the time. We returned in two months in  Sabalo Country Club. The purchase process went very smoothly and we had all the paperwork in order in one month.  We also go to El Quelite for breakfast, up to Mesillas, and Concordia to purchase furniture, Daniels in Copala for lunch, and to the three restaurants on the beach at Playa Caimanero west of Rosario.   We have never felt we were in danger in any of our excursions.  As snowbirds, it is nice to make a difference in a positive way while we are here for our six (6) month stay.


Doug Batchelder

doug batchelder

We  came to Mazatlan to surprise Gail’s son 6 years ago when he and his wife came to Mazatlan for two weeks.  When we flew to Mazatlan we were impressed with the layout of the town and how diverse it was.  We returned in two months with cash in hand and bought a nice three bedroom house three blocks from the beach in Sabalo Country Club then spent a couple of winters overhauling the house. The purchase process went very smoothly and we had all the paperwork in order in one month.  Gail and I have made four trips to Tonala, one to Puerto Vallarta, and one trip in our car to Zihuatanejo .  Then when we heard about Mazatlantouristaide we decided to join. As snowbirds, it is nice to make a difference in a positive way while we are here for our six (6) month stay.

Clemente Martinez

  Clemente Martinez is an 'Official', 'Un-Official' Blue Shirt! Clemente is the Comandant of the Mazatlan Tourist Police. A nearly 20 year veteran of the Mazatlan Police Department, Clemente is the head of the Tourist Police division and a great friend of tourists and our volunteers alike. He and his department of 12 specialy traind men are ready to help anytime a tourist has a need of 'official' help!

Pete Larson

   I was born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder. In addition to South Dakota, I have lived in Colorado and Texas, and have had careers in publishing, sales, and food-service management, retiring in 2011. I moved here full-time in October 2011 and live just 2 blocks from the Malecon, near the fisherman's monument. I fell in love with Mazatlan on spring break in 1967, and despite intensive beach therapy I have never fully recovered. I have traveled all over Mexico and know without a doubt that Mazatlan is the best place for me. I volunteered to be Mazatlan Tourist Aide to share my enthusiasm.

Carole Muschel

  My husband, Kennie, and I have been living in the San Francisco bay area for over 20 years.  About 7 years ago, we decided we would like to have a second home in Mexico.  So, we spent our next vacations traveling around Mexico, exploring big cities and small towns.  We loved many locations such as Puebla, Merida, and even Mexico city.  But when we arrived in Mazatlan and discovered the Plazuela Machado, the Angela Peralta theater, and the Centro Historico, we were "hooked".  So, we sat at the Puerto Viejo restaurant happily eating camarones para pelar and we decided to return the following year for 4 months.
When we arrived back in Mazatlan, we spontaneously purchased an apartment 1/2 block from playa Olas Altas.  We are now beginning our 6th year here and we are so happy to have made that decision.  One of my interests is gardening so my balcony here is full of flowering plants and now with the Mercado Organico, I even have baby lettuces growing in pots.
Both my husband and I are Registered Nurses.  We specialize in psychiatric nursing.  Currently he works full time in California and I work seasonally. Utilizing my professional skills, I see individuals by appointment at my apartment.   I have many interests including jewelry designing.  My jewelry is on display at the "Look" gallery here in Mazatlan.
Since I'm so pleased to be here, I felt that I could share my enthusiasm by becoming a Tourist Aide Volunteer.  You'll see me at the Plazuela Machado, where I originally fell in love with Mazatlan.

Janice Helm

  We came to Mazatlan our first time more than 18years ago....we came not knowing what to expect and a little leary... after 1 week of our arrival ....probably sooner... we knew we had found  our paradise. The people were kind, the weather fabulous, the beaches , the food all of the things to see and do. We spent  the next 12 years vacationing as often as we could , staying longer and longer each time. The last time was for 6 weeks and when we went home to Canada in mid January it was -35 and I told my husband "it is time".  We sold everything we owned and took early retirement and were back  in Mazatlan by mid-March and bought a little condo in Las Gaviotas. We live here for 6 or 7 months of the year and love it!!! We travel back home to Alberta to visit all of our family and friends. We are so lucky to have the best of both worlds.

Susan Jessup

 My husband, Mike, and I are spending our third winter in Mazatlan, an escape from the frigid cold of Alberta, Canada.  This time we are renting an entire house in Centro.  It is a historic restoration with a gorgeous courtyard.  We are not retired like many of the gringos here.  It has taken three years to work out the kinks, but this winter my husband, an IT consultant, is able to work almost entirely from Mazatlan using Vonage phone and internet.  I have always been able to do much of what I need to do as administrator and bookkeeper of our consulting business from here, but it is great to have my husband here almost full-time as well.  We brought our 2 dogs down with us this time.  They appear to love it here too - especially the beach.  Now, as a Tourist Aide Volunteer, I can be seen "roving" around Centro with Teddi and Annie as two more goodwill ambassadors!


Anne Heynen

We purchased a time share in 1989 and visited Mazatlan every year while we were still working full time. In 2001 we visited Centro area.  In particular, Sam Pelzman and his wife Bertha, whom we befriended on Mazinfo.  In 2002 we returned to spend Christmas with Sam & Bertha for a week. Sam introduced us to Roger Culbertson, realtor.  We happened to view some houses he listed for sale and made a quick decision to buy a fully restored turn key casa.  Signed the papers Friday morn and flew back to Calgary Friday afternoon. Best decision we have ever made.  My husband Herman had early retirement.  I retired in 2004. We live on a street with all local people and love it.  We have wonderful neighbours. Our Casa is close to ocean, Machado, Mercado, etc.  We return to Alberta every summer for a few months.  We avoid horrible winters in Canada and hot humid summers in Mazatlan.  We have the best of both worlds.

Sam Koester

Home town of Warm Springs, CA.  Currently living with husband Martin in Granite Bay, CA in the summer time and Mazatlan, MX in the winter.  Plan to spend most of our time in Mazatlan if we can ever sell our CA home.  Retired Real Estate Broker who has sold resale and new homes.  Resale in Fremont, CA and new homes in the Roseville, Granite Bay, CA area.  Absolutely love Mazatlan and its people.  Also enjoy reading, doing genealogy, walking and meeting new people.

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Next Meeting

Because we are a volunteers group, I try to keep meetings to a minium. (It can become a strain to volunteer and make meetings.) But 2 or 3 times a year we will get together just to share ideas and feedback. If you have any questions, just e-mail me at   and put "Tourist Aides Info" in the subject line. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Our Supporters

We really appreciate Beachfront Host who donates the server space to host this website.

We want to thank Simon Lynds who paid the bulk of the cost for our first batch of T-Shirts. Thanks Si !! Since then, the Secretary of Tourism ( SECTUR ) has been supplying T-Shirts to all our volunteers. They also supply us with hundreds of maps that we give out free to tourists who can use them. This is a huge help.
We receive a LOT of help from SECTUR which is the Sinaloa State Secretary of Tourism. They provide us with T-Shirts, maps, and ID badges so we are 'Official'! Our contacts with SECTUR are Pavel Jimenez and Ivan Pico. Their dedication and professionalism is a big reason why we are able to do what we do. It is also a nice fringe benefit that we get several 'extra's a year from SECTUR and from the support provided by the U.S. Consular Agent here in Mazatlan, Luis Ramirez. Between them we have had special trips, invitations to concerts, and sometimes special seating for concerts and shows. It is not ALL work!!

A big thanks to Beachfront Web who donated their time and talents to create this website.