Thank You for your help!

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Thank you!

Nancy Morgan (One of our volunteers at Plaza Machado) reported that the first week of Aug, 2011 she was approached by a tourist van driver who had 3 ladies from Seattle Washington in his van and the wished to ask some questions from a person who actually lived here. He asked Nancy if she would talk to these 3 ladies. They were (Of course) most concerned about their security and safety while in Mazatlan and figured Nancy would be the right person to talk to. Nancy is 78 years old and lives here, on her own, and has for a few years. They talked at length about living here and were much relieved by what she told them and could now really relax and enjoy their stay. (The hotel had told them it was not safe to visit downtown.)

One of the things Nancy told them was she rents a small home and does NOT have a car. So she walks over to work at the plaza and everywhere else. And she feels comfortable doing it!


Seattle Washington

We have visited Mazatlan several times. But with all the bad press and media hype about how dangerous it was, we had decided we would probably not go this year. Then we saw a video on UTube of the Mazatlan Touris Aide Volunteers and we figured if THEY feel safe living there, it was worth our coming back. We are not sorry. We are having a great trip. Please tell all the volunteers thank you from us!


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Next Meeting

Because we are a volunteers group, I try to keep meetings to a minium. (It can become a strain to volunteer and make meetings.) But 2 or 3 times a year we will get together just to share ideas and feedback. If you have any questions, just e-mail me at   roger@maz-homes.com   and put "Tourist Aides Info" in the subject line. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Our Supporters

We want to thank Simon Lynds who paid the bulk of the cost for our first batch of T-Shirts. Thanks Si !! Since then, the Secretary of Tourism ( SECTUR ) has been supplying T-Shirts to all our volunteers. They also supply us with hundreds of maps that we give out free to tourists who can use them. This is a huge help.

We really appreciate Beachfront Host who donates the server space to host this website.

A big thanks to Beachfront Web who donated their time and talents to create this website.

We receive a LOT of help from SECTUR which is the Sinaloa State Secretary of Tourism. They provide us with T-Shirts, maps, and ID badges so we are 'Official'! Our contacts with SECTUR are Pavel Jimenez and Ivan Pico. Their dedication and professionalism is a big reason why we are able to do what we do. It is also a nice fringe benefit that we get several 'extra's a year from SECTUR and from the support provided by the U.S. Consular Agent here in Mazatlan, Luis Ramirez. Between them we have had special trips, invitations to concerts, and sometimes special seating for concerts and shows. It is not ALL work!!